Jamila D. Smith: Fictional Writer


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Cyndi is a story with a girl who’s life begins in Brooklyn, NY. She has many questions about her past and feels lost. But knows that she can count on her best friend Martina, who’s always got her back regardless of how bad things may be. Eventually, Cyndi becomes older and she’s discovering things about herself, but she’s unsure of which direction to go to. She wants to leave unhealed wounds unsurfaced, yet she wants to press forward and ask questions like, “why did this happen? Who’s gonna be there for me?” Cyndi wants to feel loved and accepted, and she wants to feel wanted. But what can she do? Can she continue to lean on her best friend forever? Or can Cyndi stand up for herself and fight through the obstacles that she’s afraid to encounter? What should Cyndi decide to do? This is a tale that can have you understand her thoughts and feelings as Cyndi trudges along her life journey.

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